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Woodshed Batting Cages and Fields

Woodshed Batting Cages 

Cage Schedule

The Woodshed batting cage and field schedule allows members to see what cages/ fields are available to use. Coaches have priority for lessons over players.


Our facility has 7 turf practice fields  

Distance to centerfield:  

Field 1 - 200 ft 

Field 2 - 240 ft

Field 3 - 270 ft

Field 4 - 300 ft 

Field 5- 260 ft

Field 6- 310 ft

Field 7-  320 ft

Cage/ Field Rules



The Woodshed Batting Cages are a private facility for Lynx players only.  Cage reservations are not available, they are on a first come, first serve basis.  Please see the cage schedule tab or the live video feed on the Lynx website for an idea on availability. The cages are usually busiest from 4:00-8:00PM due to lessons.  Coaches have priority over players.  


Due to previous misuse/ abuse of the facility privileges, cages and fields are limited to current dues paying Lynx players ONLY.  Friends, siblings, and any other non-Lynx players are not allowed to use the facility.  No exceptions will be made.  


Cage Rules:

*No seeds, no tobacco, no chewing gum allowed in the Woodshed.

*No metal spikes are allowed in the cages at any time.  

*Equipment: Balls are to be picked up, put into buckets, and placed at the front of the  cage along with the tee.  Any additional equipment (bats, weights, bands, etc.) need to  be returned to the shelves by the backdoor exit.

*Pick up all trash.

*DO NOT open nets between cages to make wider lanes.

*Limit use of cages to 30 minutes and let others work in when crowded.

*Cameras are in use- if cages are not being used properly, you will lose your cage privileges. 





As with the cages, fields are limited to current dues paying Lynx players ONLY.  In order to use the fields on the weekends, you will need to bring your own balls.  Unfortunately, this is another misuse of equipment and we are losing too many balls.  Machines are still available for your use.